Automated static dynamic analysis of Android™ apps.

From the inventors of Automated Threat Analysis Technology Check out ForeSafe report features below.

ForeSafe Report Features

Overall Risk Level

Overall level of risk assigned by the sandbox

App View

Automatically captured view of the analysed app

Submission Summary

App details: MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, size, package name

App Analysis Results

Detected risks (if any) and their full description

Also Knows As

How detected risks are reported by other vendors

App Activities

Activities (view names) of the app

Requested Permissions

Permission requested by the app

Created Files

What files were created during analysis

Modified Files

What files were modified during analysis

Created Processes

What processes were launched during analysis

Embedded URLs

What URLs are hard-coded within the app

Embedded URLs with geolocation

In what countries the websites are hosted

Detected URL Parameters

What parameters are passed with URL requests

Detected SMS Messages

SMS messages found in the source code

Sent SMS Messages

What SMS messages were sent during analysis

Detected 'Toast' Messages

'Toast' messages found in the source code

Generated DNS Requests

What DNS requests were made during analysis

Generated HTTP Requests

What HTTP requests were made during analysis